Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Simple Rag Wreath

Hi, Everyone!

The snow has FINALLY gone and like I mentioned in my last post, my house looks naked without all the Christmas decorations.  I am a Pinterest addict and I am looking there pretty much every day, pinning anything and everything that I can hopefully make (one day).  My list is very, very long!  I needed a new spring(y) kind of wreath for the inside of my front door and came across a Rag Wreath.  Kind of Shabby-Chic-ish, but you can pretty much use whatever print of fabric you like.  I found the instructions and off to Walmart I went. 

The wire wreath form is a small one, about 12" in diameter and I grabbed four fat quarters in different patterns.

Instead of ripping the fabric, I cut it into 1½" wide x 7" strips, which was perfect for this size of wreath form.  I ended up running out of strips and had to make a trip to the store for another fat quarter. 

Simply fold the strip in half and loop it around the wire and then slip the ends through the loop and pull it tight.  Super easy. 

I finished it off with a bow, but you really don't need one.  I want to make another one in brighter colors, like corals, yellows and bright pinks. 

Are any of you making rag wreaths?  I'd love to see them!