Monday, September 16, 2013

Birthday Bracelet and Gift Box

Hey, Everyone! 
I just wanted to share a quick and easy gift box for jewelry, a cookie, whatever you make or bake that will fit inside.   I made this box, tag and a cute bracelet for my Sister-In-Law's Birthday this past weekend.  We spend a lovely day at a local winery for brunch with the family to celebrate her special day. 
I used the Silhouette file "Treat Holder - Petal Shaped" (Design ID #42139) and sized it so that the inside bottom of the box was 4".  I cut a strip of paper, put some slits on one side and formed it into a circle and glued it to the inside of the box to be the bracelet holder.
I made a couple of tags and welded my dear SIL's name to the bottom of one and used my sketch pens to write the birthday sentiment.  I also cut out a circle to fit the inside of the bracelet holder and sketched a cute cupcake and sentiment on it and glued down.

Happy Birthday, Susie!  We love you!



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