Friday, March 14, 2014

Leprechaun Trap

Hey, Everyone!
Just wanted to share one more St. Patrick's Day craft with you.
The wonderfully creative people at made this adorable Leprechaun Trap for Martha Stewart Living.  It is a free file that is easy to put together, which can be cut by hand or by die-cutting machine.
The just of the trap is that the Leprechaun sees the gold coins dangling in the doorway of the Inn.  Greedy as he is, he climbs the ladder and enters the Inn, only to find that the Inn has no floor.  He falls to the bottom of the box and voila! the Leprechaun is trapped.  If he wants out, he needs to leave you some chocolate goodies in trade for his release.  Sounds like a sweet deal to me!


Friday, March 7, 2014

Lucky Banner and Lamps

What a beautiful day it is outside!  The sun is shining, the rain has finally let up and the daffodils are happy.  It tends to get a little dreary here in Oregon during the winter, so the sunshine is always a welcome sight!

I haven't noticed any rainbows yet, but I am sure there is bound to be one somewhere.  March is finally here and the time change to "Spring Forward" is this Sunday (like any of you would forget!)  St. Patrick's day isn't far off either, so I got to work on my decorations for the fireplace.  I used files from my two favorite places, and the Silhouette Online Store, and cut everything out with my Cameo.  I thought the green and purple looked really nice together and had some gorgeous papers with glitter and shine in my stash to compliment everything nicely.

It is so nice having the sun stay out longer in the afternoon and it is very nice having the front room all warmed up -- Emma is enjoying it as well.

Happy Sunshine to You!