Friday, June 6, 2014

Fridge Chalkboard Vinyl

Well, our new fridge came in a couple weeks ago and it is absolutely glorious!  A choir sings in my head when I open the French doors and see all that wonderful space in there!  It is very large, though, and our kitchen is very small.  And because it is so small, we chose white instead of the ever popular stainless.  Otherwise, it would have looked like an elephant had made it's home in our kitchen.  I decided to jazz it up some with a very useful chalkboard.  I had some chalkboard vinyl in my stash and found some pretty dragonfly flourishes in the Silhouette library.  The Cameo cut everything out nicely using a doublecut; the chalkboard vinyl is a bit thicker than the regular vinyl.  The flourishes weeded out beautifully intact and I hated to waste them, so on the fridge they went as well.  Now, we have a nice memo board for groceries and the "Honey-do" list.

Bye for now!

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