Monday, May 18, 2015

Chair Planter

Hello, Sunshine!
A few months ago, I found this sad little chair at Goodwill for $5.  It was dirty, and I think even moldy, so I took pity upon it and brought it home.  I scoured through Pinterest for projects and came across these adorable chair planters for the front porch.  What a fantastic idea!  I enlisted my wonderful hubby, Jeff, to do the sawing and cut out a hole in the middle of the seat to accommodate the flower basket.  Out came the American D├ęcor Chalky Finish Paints.  Hmmm...which color to about three colors!  It took forever to find the right combination, but ending up choosing, Relic (a charcoal grey color) for the back, Vintage (a light grey/blue/green) for the seat, and I had to have some purple, so I chose Remembrance (almost a light lilac color) for the legs.  I did a couple coats of each color and then when it was dry, I sprayed it with a clear coat to help repel water.
The result turned out absolutely charming.  I encourage everyone to try a project like this!