Friday, October 18, 2013

Fall Pumpkins

Happy Fall, Everyone!
I love pumpkins.  Can't get enough of them in my fall decorating.  I have the pumpkin tree lit up in the family room and loads of pumpkin knick knacks in the living room.  I did something new this year with my outside pumpkins.  I made a few templates out of vinyl in my Silhouette program and used hubby's Dremel to etch out the design.  It took forever and was very messy (I do suggest doing it outside).  But the results were awesome!

The designs I used were from the Silhouette Online store Fierce Owl Design #32923 and Fall Border Design #5081.  The font used for the Welcome was Freebooter.  I had to ungroup the letters and squish them together in order to weld them, then made an offset of the entire grouped design and peeled the inside letters and design out.  The vinyl didn't want to stick to the pumpkin very well, but I managed to get it to stick and etched out the insides of the design and tidied it up after. 
I still have one pumpkin left and will do a real carving of "Trick or Treat" to be lit up for Halloween night.
Stay crafty, my friends!

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